We guarantee your project’s Start, Completion & Cost…and we put it in writing.

Pinnacle’s SCC 3-Way Guarantee™ simply ensures that the three greatest renovation concerns voiced by independent industry studies are unequivocally addressed. (Some conditions apply)


You may have heard the horror stories of renovation projects where start dates are promised…then missed; furthermore…contractors and trades show up sporadically further mitigating all chances of an assured completion date. And who hasn’t heard of unforeseen cost over-runs? The renovation industry tends to have its share of TV and media broadcasts of another unfortunate family that’s experienced these issues first hand.

As the founder of the Pinnacle Group, I have long understood that at the end of the day, all you really have is your reputation. The Pinnacle Process has taken years to develop and as many years to create a reputation as a renovator who delivers what we promise. I can assure you that our SCC 3-Way Guarantee™ is not an easy promise to keep. But it’s a promise that we have been committed to for many years now…we’ve just now made it more than a mission statement; we’ve made it a promise to every Pinnacle client we serve. That promise is to Guarantee your Start date, Completion date, and Cost of your Project; the corresponding acryonym becomes our SCC 3-Way Guarantee™.

I invite you to call myself or one of our Renovation consultants today to discover Calgary’s only RenoMark™ Renovator to offer this caliber of promise. Not only do we offer it today; we can introduce you to a history of past renovation clients who have personally experienced the SCC 3-Way Guarantee™!

Paul Klassen (Pinnacle Founder)